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Powerful & reliable cloud hosting.

Novus Design offer a 100% green premium cloud hosting service at an affordable price. Our Hosting has been carefully chosen to support the needs of our client websites, whether it's a brochure, eCommerce or more advanced and our packages have been carefully tailored to fit these differing website services. If you're unsure which package to choose, don't hesitate to get in contact as we're more than happy to talk you through each step. In choosing to use our services, your first month with us will be free!

Keep your website effective & secure.

Having a future-proofed website built by us is great, however as time moves on and as technology advances, items such as google algorithms will change, code will evolve and hackers will find new ways to access data. A lot of these changes can be predicted through educated knowledge and digital news, but not all can be foreseen. These changes can affect the performance of your website and the strength of your online presence. We can confidently offer you a maintenance service that can support and increase the lifespan of your website, while ensuring your online presence remains consistent.

Carefully tailored hosting plans to support your business.

All plans include free migration, SSL Certificate and 1 month free hosting!

  • Basic

    £24.99*ex. VAT /month

    Recommended for low traffic websites with minimal storage requirements.

    • 2GB Storage
    • SSL Certificate
    • General Firewall
    • 2.0Tps DDoS protection
    • 1GB RAM
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • Once Daily Backups (stored for 30 days)
    • LiteSpeed Web Server
    • 1 Database
    • Free Setup and Website Migration
    • Mailbox support quoted
  • Professional

    £34.99*ex. VAT /month

    Recommended for basic eCommerce or websites with bespoke functionality.

    • 3GB Storage
    • SSL Certificate
    • Advanced Firewall
    • 2.0Tps DDoS protection
    • 2GB RAM
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • Once Daily Backups (stored for 30 days)
    • LiteSpeed Web Server
    • Up to 3 Databases
    • Free Setup and Website Migration
    • Mailbox support quoted
  • Enterprise

    £44.99*ex. VAT /month

    Recommended for functionally advanced websites that require faster response times.

    • 50GB NvMe SSD Storage
    • SSL Certificate
    • Comprehensive Firewall
    • 2.0Tps DDoS protection
    • 4GB RAM
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • 4 Hourly Backups (stored for 30 days)
    • LiteMage Web Server (5x faster)
    • Up to 10 Databases
    • Free Setup and Website Migration
    • Mailbox support quoted
  • * 3-month minimum contract on monthly plans.

Reduce the stress of running your website.

Trust in us to keep your website safe and up to date.

Your online presence requires just as much care as your offline presence. Failing to monitor your website regularly can leave it vulnerable to security holes and large updates that can create bugs. A website maintenance plan is the most reliable and cost-effective investment to keep your website fully functional, ensuring your website is up to date, safe from attack and bug free.

Each maintenance plan includes.

  • CMS Updates

    Ensuring your website is up to date with the latest software, ensuring a healthy lifespan.

  • Plugin Updates

    Keeping your website features and tailor-made systems modern and up to date with the latest features.

  • Security Updates

    Minimising the risk of attack by keeping your security software up to date and making educated adjustments to your website, keeping your data safe and website functioning.

  • Page Performance MOT

    Monthly checks on page performance, maximising your page speed and quality of content delivery.

  • Enhancements & Bug Fixes*

    We will enhance code to improve your website performance, as well as fix any bugs that may appear from the monthly updates.

  • Monthly maintenance report

    Each month you will receive a full report of your monthly maintenance, as well as suggestions for future updates if required.

  • * Your maintenance plan supports for up to 2 hours of bug fixes each month.
  • * Any work that exceeds the allocated monthly 2 hours or falls outside of what defines a "bug fix" will be quoted.

Elements that may affect your quote.

Expectations for website maintenance can differ based on budget, size of website and how you choose to manage your website, so it is only fair to quote based on your requirements.

Website Type

We choose to define your website based on the complexity of it's features. The more complex a website, the more time is required to maintain the systems.

  • Basic

    A simple brochure website with no advanced capabilities.

  • Intermediate

    A basic eCommerce or Membership website with simple but broad systems.

  • Advanced

    A fully bespoke eCommerce or website with advanced tailor-made features.

Amendments Plan

You may not have time to keep your website content up to date. Whether it’s adding a team profile or updating your prices, we’re proud to offer monthly hourly plans at much cheaper rates to support your business.

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